Natural swimming pool

What is natural swimming?

  • It is crystal clear water, purified by a natural biological process, without chlorine or chemicals,
  • It is a nature Observatory, a living space dedicated to well-being that will leave a lasting legacy
  • It is an attractive landscape throughout the year, perfectly integrated in its environment
  • Let you be carried by the rustle of the water
  • Places of reverie, where time stops.
  • Natural pool, relaxation, that fits sustainably into the landscape.

This pool area is a unique place for totally ecological swimming in pure and crystalline water without chlorine. Discover the pleasure of swimming in Vosges-mountain stream water quality.

Please note that bathing shorts and Bermuda shorts are not allowed in the pool. The use of chemical solar cream is also prohibited. Prefer organic creams (available at the grocery store)

You will discover a 40cm-deep pool for children and a 1,40m-deep pool.

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