An authentic approach

The nature and landscape aspect is present on this site and has been preserved. The facilities adapted to the environment and to the site appearance, and not the other way round. It implies that the landscaped facilities remain discreet, the most natural possible and are made with materials found on the site, and natural essences found in our territory.

The campsite has abundant vegetation and is a functional but not urbanized site, in order to create extensions, bridges between living spaces and the countryside.

It is a comfortable and very natural campsite which provides families with tranquillity and an opportunity to discover the region as well as an “environmental education”.

The Mattey Campsite is in an environmental approach by following the process of classification of the European eco-label.

Environment is now at the heart of people’s concerns. The management department and the team of the Mattey campsite are engaged in an environmental approach to:

Environment is now at the heart of people’s concerns. The management department and the team of the Mattey campsite are engaged in an environmental approach to:

  • reduce our impact on nature
  • preserve natural resources
  • limit pollution

To structure and give credibility to our approach, we relied on the repository of the European Ecolabel for tourist accommodation. This official label is a sign of environmental quality certified by AFNOR Certification ® and valid at European level.

Thanks to that, we want our institution to help with:

  • the use of renewable energy sources
  • energy and water savings
  • the reduction of waste production
  • the improvement of local environment

Many actions are implemented, such as:

  • the use of class-A light bulbs to reduce electricity consumption
  • the use of eco-labelled products to decrease the pollution load of discharged wastewater
  • the electricity supply of renewable origin at 50%
  • the promotion of recyclable waste, as well as a waste sorting policy
  • the installation of energy-efficient equipment in water, reducing our consumption by 30% for an equivalent comfort

On the way of the Via Natura:
The Mettey campsite is part of the via natura campsites.


The commitment of the members of the Via Natura approach is voluntary. It is part of a militant approach of your hosts for the development of its environmental and natural heritage, as well as its willingness to share. It is also part of an approach of the Manager to create a spirit of respect, quality and comfort in its classified campsite, with a maximum capacity camping of 160 locations and where the camping spirit is preserved, with at least 70% of the pitches reserved for tents and caravans.

Among the many campers who visit France, there are those who do not consider spending a holiday without disco, karaoke and any other kind of entertainment, in locations full of mobile homes. It is their choice. There are also the others. Those for whom holidays offer the opportunity to recharge, to grow, to discover, to share. By offering you to follow the campsites of Via Natura, we invite you to come and discover our region on a human scale, in privileged sites where human respect and respect for nature are the bases of relations, where owners will share their various and surprising passions.

So indulge yourself and see you on the Via Natura

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