Open from April 1 to September 30

Services at the campsite

Our campsite offers much more than just accommodation in the heart of nature. We offer a shared permaculture garden, a grocery store with products made by local artisans and, of course, all practical and useful facilities: sanitary facilities, solar chargers, laundry, barbecue, parking, bread depot, etc.

Accès rapide

Our shared vegetable garden

Our shared permaculture vegetable garden is in the centre of our eco-friendly campsite.

Permaculture is an approach to agriculture based on the principles of sustainable development and respect of both biodiversity and humans. It aims to imitate the design of natural ecosystems.

The harvests from the garden are available at reception with open pricing: you pay what seems right to you!
Camping du Mettey also has a keyhole garden for herbs. This small, high-yield garden is self-fertile and requires little water. Its name comes from its shape, a raised bed with a keyhole-shaped indentation so gardeners can reach the centre. This type of garden uses the positive effects of borders, creating microclimates that favour biodiversity and the different plants. It also has a built-in composter in the centre of the circle to keep the soil fertile. Composting promotes exchanges between the composted matter and the substrate that surrounds it. Worms and other decomposers can move freely between the central composter and the substrate, spreading nutrients throughout the keyhole garden in a slow and harmonious way.

In 2022, we built a walipini at Camping du Mettey! This underground greenhouse passively and naturally absorbs the heat of the sun and the earth to grow fresh fruits and vegetables naturally all year round! The crops are kept at a constant temperature (between 10 and 15°C, even in winter, and are protected from the external elements.

Our grocery store

The Vosges Mountains are home to lots of surprising specialties, and you’ll find a nice selection at the eco-campsite’s grocery store!

All the products are made by local producers, respecting ancestral traditions and regional know-how.

Discover the gastronomy of our mountains at the grocery store and stock up on diverse and original flavours.

We have plenty of Vosges specialties and quality, local products for you to choose from.

Please note: in July and August, we also sell bread and croissants (by pre-order).

The Walipini greenhouse

Walipini is a growing technique that uses thermal and solar energy. It’s an effective technique for growing plants in hostile environments.

Once the walipini has been dug into the ground, it is covered with a translucent lining to capture as much light as possible and direct it to the crops below. Admittedly, the crops are less exposed to light than traditional greenhouses with translucent walls and roofs, but thermal inertia is much better and temperature variations are smaller.

The Earth is thermally stable, meaning that at a given depth, there is little or no change in temperature whatever the outside temperature. In the cave, the temperature is always between 12 and 14°C, even if it’s 35°C or -15°C outside. Geothermal energy, the energy contained in the ground, can be used to grow plants.

Another advantage: thanks to the Earth’s thermal inertia, it captures heat from the sun’s rays and the atmosphere, storing it and releasing it when the weather cools. This is why the construction of this type of underground greenhouse is so attractive.


Our laundry area is near the reception of our eco-campsite.

At your service is an 8 kg washing machine, a 6 kg dryer, and laundry detergent. The machines are coin operated, and laundry detergent is for sale at reception.

Sanitary facilities

Our facilities are located near the main building of the campsite. They were designed to respect the environment, for a comfortable, accessible, and quality experience, all while preserving our planet’s natural resources.

For example, all the faucets are timed and equipped with flow reducers limited to 6 L/min, which we’ve found is more than enough!

Solar chargers

Solar smartphone chargers are available at reception.

The charging point for electric vehicles

As part of our responsible approach, the campsite has recently equipped itself with a recharging station for its residents equipped with electric vehicles. It is located at the reception of the campsite and is available upon reservation.


We have shared grills at Camping du Mettey. Utensils are available upon request at the campsite reception. Please clean them before returning.

Baby equipment

Baby kits are available for hire upon reservation and include a highchair and cot.

Campers can use a bathroom equipped for babies.

The Wi-Fi zone

Free Wi-Fi is available in the area around reception and on the terrace of the eco-campsite.

Fresh bread

Bread and croissants are for sale in the summer (July-August): please pre-order the day before by 7 p.m.


A shared freezer is available to guests, please ask for access at reception.

The pizza oven

Cook your own pizzas or bread! A pizza oven is available to our guests. Utensils are available upon request at the campsite reception. Please clean them before returning.

The shared library

Books should journey from hand to hand. The shared library is for exchanging, lending, giving, receiving, or borrowing a book. It’s free of charge and open to everyone. The box uses the honour system and is available whenever you like, based on the rules of solidarity and living together. Together, let’s give books a second life and limit our waste, while promoting exchanges, curiosity, and above all open-mindedness.


Upon arrival, pull your car up to the reception area of the campsite. You can then unload your things using our small carts and wheelbarrows. Your car, on the other hand, will remain in our private parking area outside the campsite until your departure. For a calm and safe setting for everyone, guaranteed!


To make sure everyone has a comfortable experience and can fully enjoy the joys of our eco-campsite, we have adapted our site for our guests with reduced mobility. Camping du Mettey has:

  • 3 accessible areas in the sanitary facilities, 1 of which is heated
  • 2 camping pitches
  • 2 parking spaces
  • 1 accessible glamping accommodation
  • reception and snack bar are both easily accessible

Tourist information

Our team can guide you in your choice of tourist activities. Whether before your arrival or during your stay, we can make reservations for you with the partners of Camping du Mettey. Don’t hesitate to ask!

For professionals

How about organising your event at Camping du Mettey?
A professional event with us is a unique way to bring your team together in a setting combining work, relaxation, and conviviality.

It’s the chance for your employees to truly unplug, so they can better reconnect afterwards and strengthen the team’s bonds.

  • Our modular meeting room has all the necessary equipment (Wi-Fi, projectors, screens, microphones).
  • Our bar and snack area can serve all meals, from breakfast to dinner.
  • Our accommodations offer lots of different possibilities with comfort and quality a top priority.

Alongside our privileged partner, Cabinet 12heures12, we can assist you in organising your professional event, and even take care of everything if you like. We can organise themed evenings or a wide range of activities to suit your needs. The Vosges are brimming with ideas: sports, relaxation, nature, and more.

Tell us about your project, and we’ll let you know how to make it happen!