Open from April 1 to September 30

Eco-friendly swimming

Crystal clear water, naturally purified without chlorine or chemicals: yes, we can!

Come enjoy our swimming area, a nature observatory that blends perfectly into the environment of our green campsite.

As you know, we strive to combine respecting nature with your comfort. A natural swimming pool was an obvious choice. The water quality is like a mountain stream, but a little less chilly!

The eco-friendly, natural swimming pool is open in July and August.
Camping du Mettey has two pools: one for children (40 cm deep) and another for older kids and adults (1.4 m deep).

Please note: loose-fitting or long swimming trunks are not allowed. Swimmers must wear tight-fitting trunks or swim briefs. The use of chemical sunscreen is also prohibited as it alters the natural balance of the swimming pool. Please use natural sunscreen (we have some for sale at the grocery store).

Also, please shower before entering the pool (there’s a shower right next to the pool), ideally with eco-friendly soap. You can enter the pool area barefoot or with clean flip-flops (sandals are not allowed).

The swimming pool is only open in July and August

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