Open from April 1 to September 30

Crystal dome

This original glamping accommodation sleeps 2 guests. Spend a night under the stars in the middle of the sounds of the trees with a stunning view of the valley at our eco-friendly campsite.

Sleep in a cosy nest!


The Crystal Dome is perched 4 m above ground with a spiral staircase leading to the top.
Inside is a round bed (sheets provided), a soft rug, and an area for relaxing. A genuine little cocoon.
The sheets are made right here in Vosges, less than 20 km from Vagney, at Le Drap Français (handmade by the association ABI that helps women with professional reintegration).
This accommodation is equipped with electricity.

Prepare your arrival

The Crystal Dome is not accessible by car. The car park is located at the entrance to Camping du Mettey. You can unload your luggage using the trolleys and wheelbarrows provided.

Please also bring your own cleaning supplies for washing dishes and cleaning surfaces (eco-friendly products if you can). Cleaning products and kits are available for purchase at reception.

During your stay

You will have access to the sanitary facilities for showers, toilets, and washing your dishes. Shoes are prohibited in the facilities; please only enter with clean sandals or flip-flops that you use only for this purpose. If you need a pair, recyclable flip-flops can be provided free of charge upon arrival.

Laundry machines are available at the reception.

To respect the environment, the campsite, the biodiversity, and the entire community at Camping du Mettey, we ask you to respect one simple rule during your stay: keep your site clean both when you’re here and when you leave.

Before your departure

End-of-stay cleaning is not included, please take care of housekeeping before you leave.

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